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Classes have resumed with safe hygienic practice... we offer private and small group classes for families and co-workers to accommodate most situations.  Please call or text to find out when the classes are scheduled, or arrange for  your private lesson.


Intro to Pistol

This class is designed for the new shooter or someone needing a refresher who has not picked up a firearm in awhile.  It is a great way to start back up with essential gun safety, the different types of firearms, ammunition, how to handle and store the firearm.  This class is a non-shooting class and involves no live ammunition, but only classroom practice.  It will give you the knowledge to ensure your first trip to the range will be safe and what is

expected of you in that environment. This is a good way to prepare you for

the Basic Pistol Class at the range.

Duration:  2 1/2 Hours

Course Fee:   $40

Basic Pistol

This class will review the safety rules and teach basic shooting skills, while providing the range experience to develop the right attitude and mindset needed on the range.   This class is at the range to hone in on your shooting skills and a perfect way to prepare you to qualify for the Concealed Weapon Permit. 

Duration: 2-3 Hours
Course Fee:  $60

SC Concealed Weapon Permit

This class covers the legal aspects as well as firearms safety and operation with instruction both in the classroom and at the range, which are required to apply for your concealed weapons permit in South Carolina. 

Students must successfully pass both a written exam along with a practical

range qualification.

For this class you will need to bring proper eye and ear protection, 25 rounds of ammunition plus extra to practice with,  a firearm with 
a proper Kydex or stiff Leather holster and lunch.

Duration:   6-7 hours
Cost:  $120

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